Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

Family sakinah, mawadah, and warohmah

Once, when he heard the lecture or prayer of the religious teacher-cleric (ah) for our family to become a sakinah keluara, mawaddah wa mercy I do not really know, what is meant by family sakinah, mawaddah wa mercy. I only know sakinah means calm, peaceful.
Slowly, I understand, sakinah means calm / peaceful, mawaddah means happy, wa = and, while the means have mercy mercy / love. That's it.
Until a few days ago when we discussed the story in a book about a young man who did not want to get married because they have not found the woman in accordance with the criteria added so many requirements of the prospective parents about the law.
According to the views of young people in the story, the girls of today are no longer running a lot to live according to Islam, from the clothes that do not close the genitalia, the appearance and the way bergaulnya a 'westernized', even to the passage of an un-Islamic way. Incidentally he grew up in the environment that Islamic friends who have married with Islamic women, but he himself does not come from a harmonious family. Her parents are always noisy, insisted the opinion of each and have properties that can not wait.
Finally, youths who happened to be a famous doctor was drowned with his work as a doctor and learn the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet's books and lectures.
One day, the young man listening to the radio that talks about the formation of a family goal, namely to establish a family sakinah, mawaddah wa mercy. During this time, youth or young doctors who come from families that lack of harmony is not too much attention to what the purpose of raising a family. The announcer then sang a verse of Al-quran.Iapun often hear verses from the letter of Rum (30:21) was: "And from the signs have been
I put myself to you mate-mate for you to be happy with her quiet life and love (mawaddah wa mercy). And it is the signs for men of understanding ". But only this time he noticed, to feel and appreciate the verse. Forming sakinah family, mawaddah wa mercy.
Since then, his opinions about life berkeluargapun changed. He then started paying attention and looking for potential wives. Long story short, he eventually married another of his students who look the other women disciples, wearing a robe, scarf and keep her social. Islamic study during this busy life has opened her heart and obtain guidance from God Almighty.
At the end of the lesson we cleric asked what the difference between mawaddah and mercy. We also are a variety of answers. Then ustadpun explained, mawaddah is the love of a husband, while mercy is the love of a wife.
Now obviously, what the family is sakinah, mawaddah wa mercy. Not only mean quiet and happy family, but there is something behind it, the need for love that is given by the husband to his wife and family, and love given by wives to their husbands and children.
Ustad then added, other family goals is to reduce errors even disobedience. For example, if before the family boys or girls singles can travel freely, then after a family of their activities is limited. There are other priorities that should they pay attention, namely the family.
So, if each family member busy with activities outside the home without regard to his family, then what's the difference married not married? Could the family created sakinah, mawaddah wa mercy if every person rarely meet and communicate?
Because some people have a family destination different from what Allah taught to us in the letter Ar Rum, which is creating a family sakinah mawaddah wa mercy. Although so far we have often read the verse in wedding invitations.

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